What is Meditation?

Meditation is a holistic practice that brings the mind back to its natural state of peace and clarity. It is a crucial part of various mind-body interventions like yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi and Qigong as it can positively improve mental and physical health. Regular meditation has been proven effective in raising self-awareness, reducing stress, eliminating pain as well as negative thoughts and emotions, including worry, fear, anger, anxiety and depression.

Meditation Courses in Australia

Why Study Meditation?

Studying meditation will not only upgrade your skill set but also enable you to help others make lasting changes to their lives using the power of their minds. Meditation is a vital component for health and, in fact, has seen more and more people engage in it to boost their overall wellbeing.

However, quieting the mind is quite a challenge for many, considering the demands that they face day in and day out. Receiving formal meditation training will provide you with the tools to teach others how to connect with their inner selves, increase awareness of their surroundings and see each experience for what it is. In doing so, you protect them from all sorts of mental, emotional and physical ailments.

What Does It Take to Study Meditation or Become a Practitioner of It?

The only way you can succeed as a student and teacher of meditation is by having the innate desire to hone your skills in this field of study. If you love something desperately, learning and practising it becomes second nature to you. Also, it pays to be authentic, empathetic, compassionate and patient as these traits will help you build a strong connection with your students or clients.

Course and Study Options for Meditation

Meditation can be learnt in a short introductory course, which is ideal if you want a taster before diving deep into the subject. It can run for one weekend or two months, depending on your preferred training level. 

However, if your goal is to gain in-depth knowledge about meditation and become a qualified instructor of the modality, then it would be best to enrol in a certification program or a diploma course in meditation teacher training. This level of training can take around nine months to two years to complete, depending on your learning style.

Meditation can be learnt in a classroom setting or through an online course. You even have the option to take evening classes or study only during the weekends if your schedule from Monday to Friday won't permit.

How to Choose a School or Course in Meditation

Whether you're planning to take a short meditation course for your own spiritual growth or a comprehensive one to hone your teaching skills, see to it that your preferred course provider is equipped with the tools to get you to your goals. This is crucial, especially if you intend to set yourself up as a professional meditation teacher and gain membership with the relevant organisations in Australia.

You'll find a list of qualified course providers at the top of this page to guide you on your journey to becoming a meditation teacher. You may contact them directly to enquire about their training modules, course fees, delivery methods, as well as the professional organisations that they are affiliated with.