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It takes more than the right set of skills to ensure your natural health career succeeds; if you’re considering self-employment, you need a therapy room that’s complete with the essential equipment. Having a dedicated space for your practice is crucial for your success as it allows you to deliver your products and services with confidence. It lends an air of professionalism and credibility that can instantly gain your clients’ trust

Whether you’re looking to set up a massage room, a consultation room or a studio for your yoga classes, renting a space will cost you less than building one from scratch. Additionally, you’ll find that the majority of practitioner rooms being rented out are fully furnished and strategically located for ease of access to clients and basic amenities

If you need extra space for your members of staff or are considering hiring for a natural therapy job, you may rent a space with an extra clinic room. To see the complete list of available rooms in your area, type your suburb or postcode in the search box above then click on the search button. Once the listings are displayed on your screen, click on each one to find out more or click straight away on the Make an Enquiry button

If you have an extra room or office space that you want to rent out, feel free to advertise it on Natural Therapy Pages and be found instantly by potential tenants

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