Natural Medicine

Natural Medicine

What is Natural Medicine?

Natural medicine involves a wide range of natural therapies that work on the physical, psychological and emotional aspects of a person. As well as relieving pain, stress and anxiety, it promotes positive thoughts and feelings and leads to optimal health.

What is natural medicine?

How Does Natural Medicine Work & What Are Its Benefits?

Natural medicine, as opposed to the conventional type, is a holistic approach to improving health. It utilises natural therapies and takes the mind, body and spirit as an integrated whole to facilitate healing.

There are many benefits to be had from undergoing one of these forms of natural therapies. Many of these therapies, such as herbal medicine, homoeopathy, and Traditional Chinese Medicine, use natural plants and essences taken from the earth in order to heal any problems or disharmonies within the body. These are safe remedies that are mixed to the precise specification of the individual, and have no side effects.

Many of these therapies such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda, treat the whole body, and are systems that have been in use for thousands of years. The fact that these treatment systems have persisted for so long is proof that they are safe, and that they work. 

What Conditions Can Natural Medicine Help With?

Many ailments and conditions can be mitigated, if not eliminated altogether, by the use of natural therapies like naturopathy, flower essences, colonic irrigation and allergy testing, to name just a few. Natural therapies take into account the whole person and their wellbeing to effectively address the core of the problem, not just its presenting symptoms. Many of which can help manage and treat a wide range of conditions, including:

  • Stress
  • How can natural medicine help youAches and pains
  • Respiratory problems
  • Migraines
  • Allergies
  • Digestive problems
  • Arthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Skin conditions
  • Insomnia and other sleep disorders
  • Infections
  • Obesity
  • Emotional problems
  • Musculoskeletal issues
  • Some types of cancer

Where Can You Get Natural Medicine or Who Provides It?

Healthcare professionals who have received formal training in one or more types of complementary therapies are authorised to prescribe natural medicine. The list includes naturopaths, Ayurvedic practitioners, TCM doctors, herbalists and holistic doctors, among many others. They're either employed at various healthcare settings like hospitals, holistic centres and rehabilitation clinics, or working in private practice.

Different Types of Natural Medicine

Natural medicine comes in different forms and is administered in many varied ways. All of the modalities have one thing in common though—they support the body's natural healing ability. Below is a comprehensive list of natural remedies that can help boost your overall health.

  • Acupuncture is one of the branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine that stimulates the body's meridians to balance the flow of energy and treat a host of illnesses.Acupuncture in Australia 
  • Allergy Testing/Treatments refer to a range of skin tests that are performed by a trained allergist to determine which substances trigger an allergic reaction in a person. You can undergo a finger prick or blood test in a clinic or contact your allergist and book an allergy testing online.
  • Animal Therapy is an umbrella term for a wide range of natural therapies that are used for treating physical injuries and emotional imbalances affecting pets and farm animals. You may opt for an animal therapy online to spare your furry friend from undergoing too much stress.
  • Antenatal Classes help expectant mums and couples prepare for labour and a wonderful birthing experience. Such classes include topics on nutrition and emotional health, relaxation and breathing exercises, as well as proper hygiene and disease prevention, among others.
  • Ayurveda is a system of medicine that balances the elements that make up the human body's constitution to prevent illness. It incorporates an array of healing modalities like yoga and herbal medicine. Even from a distance, you can reap the benefits of this form of natural medicine by contacting a qualified practitioner of Ayurveda online.
  • Biomesotherapy in AustraliaBiomesotherapy is a holistic approach to treating damaged tissues in the body. It combines homeopathic remedies and acupuncture to support the body's natural healing mechanism.
  • Bioresonance Therapy involves the use of electrodes to measure the energy wavelengths on the cells in the body for the diagnosis and treatment of disease. 
  • Children's Health covers all aspects of the health and wellbeing of children from conception to adolescence. It mainly focuses on the treatment and prevention of illnesses that are common in children.
  • Colonic Irrigation, or colon hydrotherapy, maintains colon health by flushing out accumulated waste material on the walls of the large intestine to relieve constipation and regulate bowel movement.
  • Cupping involves the placement of cups on different parts of the body to create suction and stimulate the flow of energy throughout the body. This process helps to relieve pain due to injury or illness.
  • Dietitian is a title given to a healthcare professional who specialises in dietetics and uses food and nutrition to develop an evidence-based diet plan tailored to the specific needs and health condition of an individual. You may get in touch with a dietitian online to find out exactly what you need to achieve optimal health.Doulas in Australia
  • Doulas are trained birth companions who support pregnant women from labour to childbirth, to reduce their pain and enhance their emotional wellbeing.
  • Dry Needling is a type of complementary medicine that involves the insertion of fine needles into the skin to treat pain which radiates from trigger points.
  • Ear Candling is a safe approach to removing wax buildup in the ears which may lead to infection or poor hearing.
  • Flower Essences are natural remedies that contain the vibrational imprint of flowers to treat negative emotions and physical ailments. Practitioners also offer online flower essences consult if you prefer to do it from the comfort of your home.
  • Health Screening is a preventive healthcare service which detects the presence of a condition or disease before the symptoms manifest. It helps a person manage their health better and plan their treatment ahead of time.
  • Herbal Medicine is one of the world's oldest healing systems that employs medicinal plants to treat and prevent a wide range of health conditions. You may contact a qualified practitioner of herbal medicine online to learn how to restore balance to your mind, body and spirit. 
  • Holistic Doctor refers to a healthcare professional who applies a holistic approach to treating and preventing disease. They employ a range of conventional treatment methods and natural modalities, including, but not limited to, nutrition, exercise and lifestyle changes.
  • Homoeopathy is an ancient healing system that employs repeatedly diluted natural substances to produce better health outcomes. Because it doesn't require physical contact with the practitioner, you can reap the benefits of homoeopathy online by reaching out to a certified homoeopath in your area.
  • Iridology is the study of the iris to determine the health of different organ systems in the body. By looking at the colour and patterns of the iris, an iridologist can tell what condition an individual is at risk of developing.
  • Men's Health refers to the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of a man, including conditions which he is susceptible to. Men's health specialists focus on providing treatment plans and preventative care tailored to every man's needs.
  • Moxibustion in AustraliaMoxibustion involves the burning of dried herbs called "moxa" on specific points of the body to get rid of the dampness, relieve pain and replenish the vital energy or qi.
  • Natural Fertility Management refers to the process of providing preconception care and maintaining reproductive health. It helps couples conceive naturally as well as understand safe contraception. You can learn more about natural fertility management online or contact a qualified practitioner to assist you.
  • Naturopathy is a holistic approach to health which combines different healing modalities, including nutritional advice, counselling and homeopathy, among others. It works on the root cause of a health condition by supporting the body's natural healing mechanism. Some qualified naturopaths also offer online naturopathy consultation.
  • Nutrition focuses on food and how its nutritional value can help improve overall health and wellbeing. A nutritionist guides their clients in the selection and preparation of foods that are suited to their needs. You can learn more about nutrition online or, better yet, contact a certified nutritionist to help you achieve your goals.
  • Qi Gong is a mind-body intervention that stimulates the body's vital energy to restore health and balance to one's physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. You can also try Qi Gong online or look for a qualified instructor to help you get started in this practice.
  • Remedial Therapies is a general term for therapeutic remedies for pain, injury or disease. Various healing modalities are used to support overall health and restore balance to the mind, body and spirit.SCENAR Therapy in Australia
  • SCENAR Therapy is a type of complementary medicine that involves the use of a handheld device to stimulate the body's natural healing processes. 
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is an ancient system of medicine that is used to diagnose, treat and prevent illnesses. It works on balancing the yin and yang energies in the body to eliminate disease and restore optimal health. You may consult a certified practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) online to find out which herbs can help improve your immune system and keep diseases at bay.
  • Weight Loss refers to the process of creating and following a holistic health plan to remove unwanted body fat. It involves exercise, mindful eating and other natural therapies. You can check the other benefits of weight loss online or contact an expert to help you reach your ideal weight.
  • Women's Health covers all types of conditions that affect the physical, emotional and mental aspects of a woman's health, as well as their corresponding treatments to ensure her wellbeing.

Available Natural Medicine Courses

If you want to gain a deeper insight into natural medicine, or perhaps obtain a degree and practise on a professional level, there are many learning pathways you can consider. We list below the possible courses that you can take to be a certified practitioner in your choice of modality.

Natural medicine courses in Australia 

  • Acupuncture is a four-year bachelor's degree, but there are also short acupuncture courses which you can take alongside other TCM modalities like cupping, reflexology and Tui Na.
  • To become a certified allergist, weigh your options between comprehensive allergy testing courses and learn a complete range of diagnostic and treatment procedures for all types of allergies. 
  • Animal therapy courses vary according to healing modality. Some focus on kinesiology, others on Reiki, and there are also those that specialise in massage therapy. 
  • Antenatal certification courses are wide and varied as there are many ways to prepare expectant mums and dads for labour and childbirth. Most of these courses run for three to five days. 
  • In order to become a qualified Ayurvedic lifestyle consultant, you have to complete a diploma-level qualification. You may also consider advanced Ayurveda courses if you wish to go beyond consultancy work. If you're considering distance education, you may check out the various online Ayurveda courses that some schools offer.
  • Biomesotherapy courses cover subjects on a variety of healing modalities. However, if you have qualifications in homoeopathy or acupuncture, you can fast-track your education with a certification program.
  • Buteyko Breathing Technique Courses can run for six months to a year, depending on the program you choose to undertake. You have the option to complete a certification program or a diploma-level qualification.
  • To be a qualified colonic hydrotherapist in Australia, you have to complete a certificate program in colonic irrigation. Note that GPACT-approved colonic irrigation courses follow a standard curriculum.
  • Complementary medicine courses vary in terms of their curriculum and duration. You can complete a six-month certification program, a one-year diploma course, an advanced-diploma qualification or a three-year bachelor's degree. Online complementary medicine courses are also available for students who want to study from the comfort of their home.
  • If you happen to hold a professional qualification in any field, undertaking Continued Professional Education (CPE) courses will improve your skills and boost your credentials. Such courses often award successful graduates with an accredited certificate. 
  • Stand-alone cupping courses usually run from three days to a week. You can also study cupping along with other TCM modalities in an advanced academic program.
  • Accredited dietitian courses in Australia include an undergraduate degree in nutrition and dietetics, followed by a two-year postgraduate degree.
  • Doula courses are usually short in nature and delivered through weekend workshops. Make sure that the training program you sign up for is recognised by accredited hospitals and associations for midwives.
  • A short training program in ear candling will equip you with the basic techniques to perform this modality. You may consider more comprehensive ear candling courses to learn the theory and principles of ear candling, as well as advanced treatment methods.
  • A course in naturopathy will walk you through the principles and application of flower essences. If you're already practising the modality, completing other flower essences courses will help you meet your CPE points.
  • Herbal medicine is a subject content bundled with many complementary medicine courses. However, there are short herbal medicine courses that focus on a specific area such as Ayurveda, TCM or nutrition. 
  • Holistic doctor courses are designed for students who are looking to get into a specialised field. If you're interested in becoming a holistic doctor, you need to complete a degree in health sciences, followed by a postgraduate or a doctorate degree.
  • Homoeopathy courses are usually offered as part of a broader training program. You can learn basic homoeopathic formulations by attending a short weekend workshop, while completing a diploma-level qualification or a bachelor's degree will equip you with the skills to become a qualified homoeopath. 
  • Completing a one-year certification program in iridology will provide you with the qualification to practise the modality professionally. If you're looking to incorporate it into your current practice, there are short iridology courses that can help you out.
  • Attending a short workshop on men's health will help you gain insight into the different conditions that affect the male population. However, if your goal is to be able to apply a range of modalities to address these conditions, it's worth investing in advanced men's health courses and earning a certificate.
  • Natural fertility management courses equip health practitioners with the tools, skills and knowledge to provide preconception care. A certification program can run for three days to a year, depending on the modality that you're studying.
  • Completing a bachelor's degree in naturopathy, one of the most popular naturopathy courses available for those looking to become registered naturopaths, will provide you with the knowledge and skills to apply different natural therapies which are typically required in naturopathic medicine. If you're only interested in certain areas of the modality, say, iridology, you may also want to check out online naturopathy courses and enjoy flexible study hours.
  • A bachelor's degree in nutritional and dietetic medicine leads to a rewarding career as a nutritionist. But that is just one of the different nutrition courses available for people looking to start a career in nutrition. This also includes online nutrition courses designed for people looking for more flexibility or just those who prefer to study from home.
  • There are different Qi Gong courses available, each targeted at a specific skill level. Module 1 provides the foundation of the modality, while the advanced training programs are designed for experienced practitioners.
  • A short certification program in remedial therapy is all it takes to become a qualified remedial therapist. However, if you want to go deeper into the study and build on your skills, you might want to consider immersing yourself in some intensive remedial therapy courses that focus on healing the mind, body and emotions.
  • Completing a bachelor's degree in acupuncture or Traditional Chinese Medicine will lay the foundation for your career in TCM. However, you're not limited to these programs as there are other Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) courses that you can undertake to obtain your professional qualification.
  • If you're working on becoming a nutritional adviser or a wellness coach, there are many weight loss courses to consider. In fact, you can earn your certificate, or diploma from online weight management courses and land your dream job.
  • A vast array of women's health courses will provide you with the skills to develop treatment plans tailored to the needs of your female clients. Some of these courses will award you with a certificate, while a more intensive study will earn you a diploma or a degree.

If you're determined to succeed in the field of natural medicine, invest time in exploring and weighing your options. You can study on-campus or take online courses to maximise your time and resources.

What Can You Expect From Natural Medicine?

What to expect from natural medicineUnlike conventional medicine, natural medicine doesn't follow a one-size-fits-all approach. Because it aims to treat the underlying cause of disease rather than its symptoms, the treatment plan is always tailored to fit the client's individual circumstances. Even though the same modality is used to treat two individuals, the components of their respective medications vary a great deal.

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